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12 non­Alcoholic themed Bars for your wedding

Alcohol can be one of the most expensive bills that you would have to settle for your wedding day.  Non­alcoholic bars are a great way to help you out on a tight budget.  It’s cheaper and the themes are a fabulous way to set off your day with flair!  Have a look at our top picks for your bar.

Coffee / hot chocolate bar
This is an ideal theme for a wedding.  Keep your guests warm, and lively through the evening with a choice of fabulous blends.

Dessert bar
This bar will probably never go out style.  Always a favourite, in any season.

Ice cream bar
Enough said :).

Cigar bar
Add a touch of vintage / rustic feel to your smoking section.

Cotton Candy bar / Candy bar
Summer days, with a hint of playful exuberance.  Nothing beats a candy bar at bringing out your inner child.

Pancake bar / Waffle bar
Oooh, be still my beating heart!  Pancakes anytime of the day is a definite hit with me!

Lemonade / Juice bar
Have a selection of your favourite thirst quenchers on tap to keep your guests comfortable and sated.

S’mores bar
Gooey, chocolaty goodness to satisfy any sweet tooth craving.  A definite winter warmer winner!

Cupcake bar
Keep adults and kids occupied with creating their own cupcakes.  Let them have cake!

Fruit bar
Keep it light and sweet with delectable seasonal fruits at your guests finger tips.

Doughnut bar
Paired with a  steaming cup of coffee or hot chocolate, you cannot go wrong with doughnuts.

Bread dipping bar
Having a Mediterranean themed wedding?  We absolutely love this idea of a bread dipping bar.  Throw in some olives and a selection of cheese and you’re sure to have a hit.

All images sourced from pinterest for illustration purposes only.

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