With Diwali celebrations coming up I thought it would be great to showcase how you can use rangoli in your Spring wedding. I remember creating the rangoli design for my sister’s nelengu.  It was the first time I attempted doing this on a larger scale and loved it.  Decorating while the house bustled with wedding […]

Fabulous DIY ideas to put your Indian wedding in the spotlight! Glass bottles Painted : this not only fun to do but has endless options and designs that you could customise to your tastes! Acrylic, or glass paints, old glass bottles saved up or lying around – ( fun activity for your bridal shower : […]

Over the years I have come across numerous horror stories about wedding photography gone bad. Some stories left me speechless and I always thought to myself, “ Could these couples not have seen this coming?” For me, being in the industry, I guess I am a little more aware of the warning signs and I […]

Glass bangles hanging from ceiling / trees / tea lights These are the most versatile and inexpensive way to adorn your festivities.  Give them as gifts, or use them as décor, we love all the options!    Christmas recycled I loved this idea of recycling used Christmas décor to brighten up your evening!  If you […]

With Valentines day around the corner, we thought you might like our best date ideas in and around Johannesburg and Cape Town. JOHANNESBURG Keeping it Romantic Boat Cruise Take a cruise on the Vaal with Stonehaven.  What can be more romantic than sipping your drink while cuddling your partner to the lazy South African sunset? […]

Themes for Your Bridal Shower The responsibility of planning a bridal shower usually rests with the maid of honor or the bride’s best friend. The bridal shower is an opportunity for the bride to meet up with all her friends for the last time before she is married. Bridal showers do not have to have […]