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Raj & Kementhri’s Wedding Story

Raj & Kementhri's Wedding Story

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    Royal Agricultural Society of Natal, Olympia Hall

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    17th December 2016

Share a little about yourselves, including the proposal story if possible?
Raj and I differ on everything except for our love for each. Opposites really do attract.

I always told Raj how I loved the soapie called Sunset Beach, and if a man proposes to a lady on the beach at sunset, just when the waves break against the sunset, then it will be the most romantic thing ever. (This is from sunset beach). We first had lunch at the Oyster Box (My favourite restaurant in Durban), then walked along the Lighthouse, and I passed this little tent on the beach. I laughed and told Raj this looks so romantic, with the roses and candles outside. Raj laughed and also said he wished we could go inside. He took my hand and told me that we can. The rest is history. It was a beautiful little tent with all our pictures from the time we met, surrounded by flowers, candles, champagne and chocolate

Where was the wedding? Local or international?
The wedding was held in Pietermaritzburg (Our home town) at the Royal Agricultural Society of Natal, Olympia Hall.

How did your personalities and individual styles influence your wedding day setting?
Raj let me plan our entire wedding. Whatever I suggested to him, he agreed with and that’s because he is that type of person. He is a kind gentle lad who likes to keep the peace. I on the other hand, wanted everything in our wedding to be exactly as I imagined it in my dreams. I wanted to have a Big temple on stage with huge deities, lamps leading up to the stage, white and clear gloss glass tables and everything to be gold and glamorous!!! When I set my mind on something, I do everything to make it happen.

Tell us about the ups and downs when planning for your day – budgeting, selecting your bridal outfits, tips for planning that you would like to share?
Both Raj and I are Chartered Accountants, so budgeting came naturally. However we kept on exceeding the budget. My advice to brides is never exceed your budget and always keep an excel workbook. I would update my excel workbook every day!
I almost never had a bridal outfit, as my original supplier messed it up (After visiting almost every Indian Store in SA). I took advice from my cousin to visit a beautiful store in Lenasia called SK Boutique, which is where I met the amazing Aunty Saru. I initially wanted the wedding outfit to be custom made again, but it was a bit late and Aunty Saru told me there is an outfit coming that will take my breath away and it is one of the most beautiful outfits she had. It came 1 month before my wedding and I immediately fell in love with it and bought it.

Photo credit : Bridaltech

Planning every bit of the wedding was amazing and fun. It was fun choosing different elements that came together.

The downs: It’s stressful when things don’t come together, I remember I was so stressed because I didn’t have a outfit and also couldn’t get a supplier for my white gloss tables. But I guess its all part of the wedding planning.

Did you have any DIY projects? If so, what were they?
We gift wrapped our own chocolates. I always wanted us to have gold foil gift wrapped slabs with our pictures on it. (Like the old Cadbury slabs). I purchased the slabs and was fortunate enough to obtain gold foil from a local factory. We then gift wrapped them individually. I designed the cover made of pink gloss with our picture on it. It seems simple but was a lot of hard work. It took 6 people and 2 days to complete.

Your memorable moments?
Bride: Walking down the aisle and seeing the beautiful hall. When I walked onto stage, it was the most beautiful experience ever, the music was so soulful and the guests were so patient and listening. The lighting, music and tables made me feel as if I was in some kind of twilight zone!

Any advice to our future bridal couples?
•    Plan ahead!
•    Choose reliable suppliers!
•    Research well!
•    Buy wedding outfits in advance!
•    Never settle for anything less than what you dreamt of!
•    Don’t go over your budget!

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